A General Update

Pre- the last post, it’d been a while since I’d last posted. So this is pretty much a recap of what I did and what I learned over the past few months.

The most exciting/interesting thing I did was the Global Game Jam. The game I helped with was named Battle Brothers Circus and was essentially Warioware + sportsfriends but somewhat buggy and done in 48hrs. The jam was a hell of a lot of fun to be a part of. Met some new people, saw some interesting games, and reunited about a month later to show off our (slightly) updated games at a game themed bar thing. (note: the slightly updated game is sitting on the desktop of my windows partition and I’ve not gone through the effort of uploading it yet. The version on the GGJ page is the original version with bugs + no sound during the game. One day). I will definitely be doing this again.

At the end of last year, literally two days after uni finished I went to NZ to visit family and what not. While I was over there started a couple of projects (which have been a little slow since). The first one was just experimenting with hardware tessellation and controller input. It was pretty much just, there were planets (spheres) that changed their tessellation level depending on how far away they were. You could move around in a “ship” and accelerate indefinitely. It was pretty cool but I haven’t touched it in a while.

The other project was a programming language + compiler which I named Bear. I spent a little bit more time on Bear than I did on the other one. So far I have a working parser that spits out an AST. I’ve started looking at llvm which is pretty cool, but before I get that into Bear I have to get semantic analysis going – type inference/checking, scope stuff, etc. Though I’m thinking of rewriting the parser to make it easier to do later stages as at the moment, it’s mostly functional and all the AST nodes are the same struct with an enum set. I think making it more OO will simplify things down the line.

So yeah, those are things. It might be worth mentioning that I spent most of the three weeks in NZ without internet. The only reason I was able to do things was because on the rare occasion that I had access to the internet, I’d download references and save useful webpages so that I could continue when I was in the dark. I learned recursive descent from a couple of papers on parsing.

I’ve also set myself up a TO-DO list and made it public so as to force myself to try and do things on it. It’s quite lengthy, but hopefully I’ll have made some really awesome things by the end of it. The list is actually a text file on my laptop, which I’ve linked to my dropbox, so the list updates in realtime so long as I have dropbox running.

Oh yeah, and I discovered that I could do this in D:



So there’s that.


Hello, I’m Patrick Monaghan, a games programmer in training. The purpose of this blog is to track the progress of my various projects relating to game development and various experiments I decide to try.A little bit about myself, I'm fluent in c++. I'm familiar with a few other languages also. I have a working knowledge of blender and gimp, thus can pump out programmer art like it’s going out of style. I’m always willing to learn new things and I always welcome feedback if it means I can improve. Also, here's a youtube channel And my github And my soundcloud Also I'm @_manpat on twitter Finally here's a todo list that I'm putting here so I can't ignore it

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