Birdlife Update

Birdlife (the game I was working on last post) is coming along nicely. Since the last post I’ve done a lot of messing around with the flight dynamics to get them feeling right, and I’ve attached said flight dynamics script to some new entities that can fly around of their own accord. In the game now are crows, cars, a chick, a buttload of particles, decorations, and gameplay. The crows and cars fly/drive around on waypoints; the chick follows you if you tell it to by chirping at it; and everything can die. There are end states now. So many things exist now. Here, have a video.

This video is a little outdated now, but I haven’t gotten around to making another. In the current version, everything (except the map) has a model – the bird, the chick, the crows, the cars. There are postprocessing effects now, and the map is bigger. I hope to have a new video soon.

Also, last week we did a playtest of the game. What we discovered was, no one knew how to play our game. But to be honest, we kind of knew that was going to happen. We put a bunch of effort into making it look prettier, making the flying feel better, making tools and shaders, and making sound work (which is also pretty good, if I do say so myself) but ran out of time and didn’t put any feedback into it. So there were people not knowing how to feed the chick, what the chirp did, that the chick existed or that the game was able to be won. We have another playtest on wednesday and hopefully we’ll have most of that fixed. I’m pretty sure we’ve dealt with at least some of it. But there’s still work to do. That said, I’m pretty happy with how it’s going so far and I look forward to seeing it done.


Hello, I’m Patrick Monaghan, a games programmer in training. The purpose of this blog is to track the progress of my various projects relating to game development and various experiments I decide to try.A little bit about myself, I'm fluent in c++. I'm familiar with a few other languages also. I have a working knowledge of blender and gimp, thus can pump out programmer art like it’s going out of style. I’m always willing to learn new things and I always welcome feedback if it means I can improve. Also, here's a youtube channel And my github And my soundcloud Also I'm @_manpat on twitter Finally here's a todo list that I'm putting here so I can't ignore it

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