You are an astronaut exploring outer space when your ship “The Galileo” gets damaged and loses most of its fuel. You are able to make it to a nearby moon and repair the ship but you have lost all connection to ground control and don’t have enough fuel left to leave. To make matters worse, the local star frequently lets off bursts of deadly radiation. Luckily, a compound you can use as fuel occurs naturally on this moon. Find the compound you need while navigating the harsh environment and get home.

Galileo is a prototype made under the theme “Not your game” in which we had to list the game genres we played and not make one of those games. This is the result. Initially we plan a MUCH larger game, but we had to redesign multiple times and by the time we actually started, we only had time to make one small level. Fairly happy with the aesthetic, although a lot of the models were changed at the last minute so that they were more orthogonal, which I wasn’t sure about.

I was responsible for a lot of the programming and the music and ambiance (i.e. wind). The soundtrack can be found here, and the git repo here.