Oh Shit! Aliens!

Oh Shit! Aliens! was a prototype made under the theme “A game you could play for ten years.” This game was the first game made this trimester and was made in one week in c++.

During ideation, we (me and another programmer who was, for this project, an artist) decided to take the theme literally. So the premise of the game is, you are some world leader or something and your scientists have told you that there are aliens hungry for human extinction en route for earth, but it will take them exactly ten years to get here. Your goal is to build uranium mines, nuke silos, and shield generators to defend earth in the time you’ve got. In the top right is a time slider that changes the pace at which time moves. The max will burn thrrough all ten years in a matter of seconds, and the minimum is realtime, so you can ‘actually’ play the game for ten years. But because of lack of polish and animation, it will most likely be an uneventful ten years.

After ten years, the aliens arrive and the time scale is locked at realtime. To fire nukes, click the alien ships. Nuke silos only have a small arc of fire and the rate of fire increases the longer they are built. Shield generators cost uranium in the build stage. Nukes cost 1 U per fire.

The git repo is here.